DOS utilizes leading edge technologies and adopts a top-down total systems approach to problem solving. DOS is continually adding to its technical expertise to ensure that our customers obtain the best solution for their specific requirements.

In Developed Office, our customers are our first priority, that’s why we do our best effort to satisfy our customers need and fulfill their requirements. We have a range of added value services including the following:

  • Free presentation/Demo upon request for most of the products that we carry
  • Free Delivery & Installation of products
  • Warranty support including spare parts & labor
  • Quick after sales support and solutions in case of any problems.

In addition, we have a range of In house services for business and individual customers which includes the following:

  • Copying and printing services which also includes colour copying and transfers.
  • Binding and documents finishing services.
  • Laminating services.
  • Document Customization services.
  • Photo binding services.

"Please lets us know if there is anything more you need!"

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