Seiko Epson


Epson first made its mark as the SEIKO Group with the production of watches featuring both micro-mechatronics and electronic technology. We later developed a printing timer that was chosen for the official timekeeping at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

After a period of diversification, we launched the world's first electronic printer the EP-101 was launched in 1968. Indeed, the name Epson is a combination of EP-101 and 'son'. The name was adopted to express our determination to produce many worthy 'sons' of the extremely successful EP-101 printer which marked the beginning of our business expansion.

Through its corporate ethos of creativity and challenge, Epson aims to create revolutionary products and services that synergize still and moving images.

Our services range to a wide area of development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and servicing of information-related equipment (computers and peripherals, including PCs, printers, scanners and projectors), electronic devices, precision products and other products.