Flamark Fire Fighting Systems


There are different kinds of fire protection on the market that have been sold well for years. But how often it happens that fire extinguishers refuse to do their work at the moment that they are suppose to do their work or that you don’t know exactly how a fire extinguisher work? These fire extinguishers must be controlled every year and have a limited longevity. Flamark has an extinguisher that is easy in use, it has a long longevity and controls are not required.

For house, garden and kitchen fires, you use the MAB (grenade). When a fire emerges, you throw the MAB against something in the fire. The fire is quenched in some seconds.

These fire extinguishers are so simple, that a child can also use them. There is less damage than with other fire protection products. You can think about a powder extinguisher. When you use this there is a lot of mess and damage. With the MAB, MABO and O-mark you reduce the damage to the place where the fire has emerged.

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